Re: lessons

breuche (
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 22:16:10 -0500

Bill Garrett wrote:
> Chuck Biehl wrote:
> > There are two things I've notived in talking with people about lesson
> > plans and seeing/hearing some of your lessons. First, there is only so
> > much material to build lessonplans on, so there is some overlap in
> > content. Second, we have the possibility of preparing lessons for both
> > paper use and internet use. Combining these two, I submit the following
> > question: could we somehow break down our groups of folks in order to
> > provide a set of CG plans for paper use and another set that would be
> > used tight off the web?
> In reading your posting and thinking about it I wonder if we should have
> some kind of a tree structure that starts in each category (Art Gallery,
> Voronoi Diagrams, etc.) with an general explanation of the topic for the
> benefit of the teacher (rather than each lesson explain Voronoi Diagrams
> in general, do it once as an overview) and then two branches, one for
> paper and another for the web with specific applications of the topic.
> Links would connect an application that has both modes.
> BillDear Bill,

I was thinking the same thing at our last follow-up. I think that will
cut down a lot of repetition in the lessons being prepared and then
people who wish to have a choice of different lessons that target the
particular concept will have a nice variety from which to choose.