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Thu, 27 Mar 1997 17:07:31 GMT

<bold>,Internet writes:

</bold><x-quoted>Would everyone pease respond to the folowing questions and=
reply to me?

1. Where do you do your email? (School, home, friend's house, the Y,



2. How frequently do you do email? (Every hour, once a day, etc.)

</x-quoted>At least daily if not twice a day.<x-quoted>

3. Is your customary email text based (eg Pine) or graphic based(eg

Netscape mail)?</x-quoted>

First class is the program we use.<x-quoted>

4. Is it true that no word in the English language rhymes with the word

=22month=22? (fun fact... or un-fact)</x-quoted>

That's what I heard--orange is another one=21<x-quoted>



=0AL. Charles (Chuck) Biehl

The Charter School of Wilmington

(v)302-651-2727 (f)302-652-1246

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