Re: information, please

Duncan Chiu (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 18:45:22 -0500

Chuck Biehl wrote:
> Would everyone pease respond to the folowing questions and reply to me?
> 1. Where do you do your email? (School, home, friend's house, the Y,
> etc.)

Home. Where do you find time in school?

> 2. How frequently do you do email? (Every hour, once a day, etc.)

every hour, no just kidding. twice a day when i am working on the
reunion thing. otherwise, once a day.

> 3. Is your customary email text based (eg Pine) or graphic based(eg
> Netscape mail)?


> 4. Is it true that no word in the English language rhymes with the word
> "month"? (fun fact... or un-fact)

See if my daughter knows.