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Elaine Foley (
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 08:53:10 -0500


Sorry for delaying my response to you - I really wanted to think this
through. I do now understand what you're proposing and it's probably a
good idea, especially for those who didn't attend the 3rd followup (Mary
Alice & Charles). They may be feeling overwhelmed (I know that Mary
Alice is going througha hard time right now) and a phone call is more
personal than just email. Would you (or one of the other teachers) take
it upon yourselves to call one of them (and any others nearby - Mary
Denise Curran, Frances Boyle, i.e.) to let them know what's up and
encourage them to come to the June follow up?

I'm mailing out copies of everything that was distributed at the last
follow up but the personal touch (phone calls) is definitely more


Duncan Chiu wrote:
> Elaine and Bro.Pat,
> i'm not sure if you got the *unerlying purpose* of phone chain. i was
> more concern about drei participants' involvement and networking. i
> tried to find a viable way to link everyone and get him/her on line at
> least once a week! the hard fact is only you two replied to this IDEA.
> what happened to the rest?
> so far, in the last 5 days, i'd say about 10 people were actively on the
> net. question is how are we going to get the rest on line? obviously
> emailing and newsgroup were not working effectively. what next? hence
> phone chain.
> also, what about those who had not shown up for the follow-ups or
> written for the web? are we going to let it ride?
> i realized phone call costs money, but i couldn't find a better solution
> to this situation.
> am i overly concern? would a phone call revive interest to come back for
> the june gathering?
> duncan
> Elaine Foley wrote:
> >
> > Duncan,
> >
> > I would second Bro. Pat's comments - calling everyone would also be an
> > expensive way to communicate (long-distance) when we can "talk" or go to
> > something like the MUD that Dave Weksler mentioned or use the drei
> > newsgroups for discussion topics.
> >
> > It just takes some getting used to.
> >
> > Elaine