paper and web lessons

Chuck Biehl (
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 09:22:51 -0500

There has been a lot of conversation recently about the redunacy of some
of the lessons being developed, both by folks going for credit and those
not. Here's a way more of you can get involved and make our web site
much more functional as well as useful.

Let me know whether material you are working on can be suited best for
paper lessons or if they could be used right from the web. Elaine has
agreed to get things going by opening up a strusture for our web site
that enables teachers to access both paper and web-based lessons. What
we want you to do is pick a venue and then polish your lesson for one
format or the other. We should be able to get most of this in place
before the end of May, as much of the material is already finished and
just needs to be formatted for the appropriate source.

This is a chance for almost everyone to get invloved, both your great
lesson writers and you great web page writers.

your input as to the major headings for the lessons pages is
appreciated. For example, we currently have Voronoi and Art Gallery and
then a separate one for Computational Geometry, which has sat empty
because of the redundancy. Something should go or be consolidated.

Respond ASAP so we can get these things finished up to share with the
world. At the June follw-up, we can review and debut the entire project,
done collaboratively by the whole group. Thanks in advance.

L. Charles (Chuck) Biehl
The Charter School of Wilmington
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