Re: paper and web lessons

Chuck Biehl (
Thu, 03 Apr 1997 10:38:29 -0500

breuche wrote:
Dear Chuck,
> When you speak of WEB based lessons, are you saying that we would have
> students at computers interacting with whatever is at that site and
> doing "discovery" lessons or just "reading" about let's say Art Gallery
> Problems and their applications like a tutorial? Or would there be
> let's say Geometry Sketchpad scripts that could be activated to
> demonstrate a Voronai graph?
> Ethel

Kinda like Roseann Krane's project on tessellations, but the idea is
that the teacher could either teach from the web page like a demo, or
the students themselves could work on it, like you suggest. I'm still a
little hazy on the concept and am hoping that the participants will have
specific ideas and suggestions

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