Re: congratulations

Duncan Chiu (
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 00:12:18 -0500

I second that, Bro. Pat.

Bro. Pat, I am obliged to share this good news with you all: my Teaneck
High School team will represent New Jersey at the Panasonic Academic
Challenge this year! The competitions with over forty schools from other
states (one school from each state) will be held at Disney World on June

I am sure you will see our pictures on the national news when we win the
competion in June, but I thought you would like to share my joy earlier
than that.

If you had read my Reflection on DREI a few days ago, you know how much
I appreciated DIMACS' service. (The only thing I didn't mention was the
year I started with the group. Was it 1990 or 1991?) Thank you DIMACS
and Joe.


P.S. Correction: we didn't fly the kites last Monday in Teaneck. It
rained before that big snow storm. Was it April 1 that I replied your

Patrick Carney wrote:
> Hi all -
> If you can, take a look at last week's Time magazine for the picture
> of the teachers who won Tandy technology awards. As has been the case for
> many years now, the Dimacs people are once again represented. This year, I
> noticed Lina Bowyer from the HS LP of, I believe '92. As I said at the Drei
> follow-up last week, teachers who have been through the various Dimacs
> programs are represented in such national awards, as presenters at
> conventions, etc. far beyond the probability that their numbers would
> predict. It is an honor to be associated with all of you and, in particular,
> with Lina.
> There may be more in there, but unfortunately I only got a quick look
> before leaving for Easter and on my return, it has disappeared. If anyone has
> it and notices any more, please post it.
> As ever,
> Bro. Pat Carney