Fwd: Minneapolis

Sanderson Smith (Sanderson_Smith@cate.org)
Sun, 06 Apr 1997 00:32:11 -0800

Sunday, April 6
Who's going to Minneapolis NCTM? I'm just passing on the news that I'm
arriving on Minneapolis on Wednesday, Mar.16 and departing on Sunday, Mar. 20.
I'll be staying at the Regal Minneapolis, about a block from the Convention
Center. I'm rooming with Bill Blaskopf, Chair of the Math Dept. at Newark
Academy in Livingston, NJ. Hope to see some of you there.
Whoops! Sorry for the double message, folks. Steve Greenfield pointed out to
me that the dates are Apr. 16 and Apr. 20. A massive dum-dum on my part. (I'm
not bad with numbers, but I've had difficulty memorizing the months of the year
and the order in which they occur.)
Thanks, Steve.