Re: Fwd: Minneapolis

Duncan Chiu (
Sun, 06 Apr 1997 13:46:24 -0400

Is it on daylight savings time too? (just kidding.) It must be April 16?
sorry i'm not going.

Sanderson Smith wrote:
> Sunday, April 6
> Who's going to Minneapolis NCTM? I'm just passing on the news that I'm
> arriving on Minneapolis on Wednesday, Mar.16 and departing on Sunday, Mar. 20.
> I'll be staying at the Regal Minneapolis, about a block from the Convention
> Center. I'm rooming with Bill Blaskopf, Chair of the Math Dept. at Newark
> Academy in Livingston, NJ. Hope to see some of you there.
> Sanderson
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> Whoops! Sorry for the double message, folks. Steve Greenfield pointed out to
> me that the dates are Apr. 16 and Apr. 20. A massive dum-dum on my part. (I'm
> not bad with numbers, but I've had difficulty memorizing the months of the year
> and the order in which they occur.)
> Thanks, Steve.
> Sanderson
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