AOL accounts

Judy Ann Brown (
Sat, 26 Apr 1997 10:38:44 -0400


This message is for everyone with an AOL account, others should delete this

It is my understanding that the overload on AOL since they went to "unlimited"
time accounts is causing many problems.

Among the problems is the inability to access many web sites.

If you have tried to access my POW pages, or other web pages, and have gotten
error messages saying that you typed in the wrong URL or that the page doesn't
exist, the problem is more than likely with your AOL account. The lines are
simply all busy.

My suggestion is to try again latter. Try in off peek hours (if you can
determine when they are). You might also want to complaing to the powers at
AOL. You should be able to access ALL web sites, not just what's at AOL.

I would like to hear from other AOL users who might be having difficulty
accessig my pages. Maybe if enough people complain to AOL they will do

I found this sit for web tips for AOL users:

I will caution you that in poking around the site, I found a suggestion, meant
for AOL users, to get a "real" service provider. You might find some of the
information here helpful.


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