AOL users only

Judy Ann Brown (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 21:33:26 -0400

Hello to all the faithful AOL users,

(To others not on AOL -just hit delete now)

Sorry to bug you all again, but I want everyone to have access to my POW page so
I'm working hard on this problem.

Would you please answer these questions I need to hear from people who can
access and those who can't to make comparisons.

1. What version of AOL software are you using?

2. What platform? Mac or PC

3. Try these 3 sites and report what happens. Also tell me the time & date you
are trying it. (it may make a difference)

Thanks again


visit the PCTM web site at:
visit the Puzzle of the Week (POW) page at:
Judy Ann Brown
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