Re: Math in the news

Norma Moate (
Wed, 20 May 1998 12:27:24 PDT

With all the discussion of IBM vs Mac, the question remains has anyone
been able to locate the page from the Star Ledger that Bro. Pat spoke

I am a computer user, with limited to non-existent technical knowledge.
But I remain amused at how voraciously folks defend their machines - as
if they were dear family members. The strong feelings people display
about computers are similar to those expressed concerning concerning
cars! I have always felt it is more a matter of what you are used to.
The same arguments apply to graphing calculators. Sharpe makes a great
calculator, but has not developed the support mechanisms that TI has,
consequently, you see few class sets of Sharpe calculators. We have
class sets of TI-81, TI-83,and TI-86. We use IBM-like machines at

Anyway - if any Mac users locate the site Bro. Pat spoke of, please post
it, it sounded like an interesting article.

Norma Moate
LPDM '94
Rutherford High School
Panama City, FL

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