Outcome from DREI96

Sanderson Smith (Sanderson_Smith@cate.org)
Fri, 22 May 1998 14:24:07 -0800

May 22, 1998

Hi DREI96 colleagues...
This is a note to Elaine, but I think all of you might be interested.

Hi Elaine:

Here is a SERVONS project that resulted from DREI96.

Under separate cover, I am sending you results of a"key pal" SERVONS projects involving my college-bound students in
Advanced Placement Calculus and Darlene's young middle school students in rural Iowa.

A brief summary:

Each of my 27 students had one or more key-pals in Iowa. Darlene had 34 students, so some of mine had two key pals.
Basically, Darlene had her students collect some relatively simple data requested by my students. Using technology
(e-mail), Darlene's students sent this data to my students. Each of my students then constructed a simple statistical
report that is now being sent back to the Iowa students. My students had no specific guidelines for report format. The
basic tast for my students was to display the data collected in a way that would be understandable by Darlene's younger
children. My students are in advanced placement statistics, but this project didn't involve any highly sophisticated
statistical techniques. As I say, my students just had to "show" their Iowa counterparts ways to display the data they
(Iowa students) had collected. In one sense, the project idea is simple. In another sense, it is difficult. It's not
necessarily easy to display data in a meaningful, and, in this case, educational way.

Many of the reports are in color. Since you will receive copies, most are not in color. The top two in the set you will
receive are in color since I asked two of my students to provide me with an extra color copy of their report.

You will receive 25 of the 27 reports. Two more are coming in later this afternoon, but I thought this "sample" of 25 would
be enough to give you a feel for the project. And, I wanted to get the package off to you before Memorial Day weekend.
Darlene's students will get all 27 reports. Again, this is a project (linking students from two totally different
environments) that resulted from DREI96.

My best to all...

Warm regards,