Fwd(3): Re: Projects

Sanderson Smith (Sanderson_Smith@cate.org)
Sat, 23 May 1998 17:34:00 -0800

Hi DREI96 Colleagues...
OK, I'm going to do a " no-no" here. I'm including a note I just received from Darlene... and I'm doing it without her
permission. But I'm sure she will forgive me. After all, it's for a good cause.
At the bottom (below the === line) you will see Darlene's note to me.
Below the *** line, you will see the note I put in the electronic faculty folder at Cate.
My basic point is this: Without DREI96, this project would never have materialized. OK, it's relatively simple...and
involves only e-mail correspondence. But... DIMACS provided the opportunity for Darlene and me to come up with the idea of
"linking" two completely different educational environments. I often been accused of rambling (and I admit I'm guilty of
this), so I'll just attempt to let what is below speak for itself. Again, below *** is the note I put in the Cate Faculty
Folder. (I hope to be able to take advantage of what Lou is offering next year. Yes, Lou represent another extremely
valuable DIMACS connection.)
As the note indicates, the first of the reports done by AP Stat. students have arrived in Iowa. Below is the reaction from
Darlene Hughes. This is a SERVONS project. Note Darlene's comment about how she will use the work of Cate students to
inspire her young students.

This is part of the DIMACS project. Darlene Hughes is an elementary/middle school teacher in rural Iowa... the recipient of
a Milken National Educator Award. Darlene and I share the Milken experience, but really became "connected" through

The California-Iowa student "connection" has been via e-mail. The potential for "serving others" through technology is
unlimited. This project is but a small example of what can be done.


It's 3 P.M. Saturday. Your first mailing just arrived. The projects
are fantastic! I know the kids will be impressed! I especially like
the inclusion of their names on the project cover. I'll make copies
of some for my file but give the originals to the students if they
want them. It will give them something to think about as they move on
in math. I hope to get this in the paper again, since we took it
farther this year.
I asked the students to make graphs of the data they collected for
the river project (for which I got the ICTM grant). We haven't
formally discussed graphs for awhile so they're poorly
done...inconsistent scales, not titles, hand drawn lines, etc. More
work to be done on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yours will certainly give
them good examples to follow.
Thanks for sending them right away.

I'll try to contact you again before the weekend is over. We have to
get ready for a wedding in Clinton now.

See you soon,