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Tue, 08 Sep 1998 20:08:35 -0400

Hi Brother Don,

How about money? That's pretty universal. Perhaps selecting a
particular stock or mutual fund and following its statistics or maybe
just following the S & P or Index 500 daily?

As ever,

Brother Donald C. Dimitroff wrote:
> A friend of mine is involved with teaching Microsoft Office. He plans
> to use the spreadsheet program Excel to help students plan a budget and
> keep track of loans (with interest). As an ongoing project (for the
> entire semester) he was planning on using NFL statistics/standings.
> However, he is afraid that the girls in his class may not show the same
> interest in football as the boys might. He would like to hear about
> other "long range" projects that could be assigned to the entire class,
> or some alternative that may be more interesting to the girls.
> Thanks,
> Bro. Don Dimitroff


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