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Tue, 08 Sep 1998 20:29:14 -0400

Hi everybody,

I hope you have had a successful start of a new school year. I know
this is late for some of you who already started in August or before
labor day weekend.

For a person who has "retired", I have been quite busy. Last year, I
was able to do a few discrete math workshops and I also presented at the
AMTNJ convention. I saw a few of you at the NCTM convention but missed
some others. This summer, I worked with Chuck and Bro. Pat as a lead
teacher at the DREI98 Institute and met up with a few "old timers" as
well (Kathy Z. who is now married and Duncan and Marylu).

This year, I have been invited by the people at the Forum (on Judy
Brown's recommendation) to be in charge of the Algebra Problem of the
Week. Part of my job is to recruit other teachers to be "mentors". So
this is my official invitation to come and be a mentor for the Algebra
Problem of the Week. To be a mentor, very simply put, means you are
responsible in posting an "algebra" problem for a week that you choose
and then help respond to those students who answer the problem. Also,
you may volunteer to just help respond to a set number of students and
help me out sometimes. Some teachers will involve their students by
having them select the problem, others will encourage their students to
go on line to answer the question. Also, some teachers will involve
other students to be "mentors" and help answer the students who send in
answers. You are all invited to be mentors and/or send me your favorite
"non-traditional" algebra problems (with solutions..not just answers
please). If you are indeed interested, visit:
there will be more information on the responsibilities of mentors and
also a place to register to be one.

I hope all of you will participate. You don't have to be teaching
algebra to do this. Also, it doesn't matter if the problem is Algebra I
or II. If you know of other teachers who would be interested let them
know about the site or have them get in touch with me.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you..keep in touch,


"To teach is to learn twice. "

-- Joseph Joubert (1754-1824).

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