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Wed, 16 Sep 1998 15:06:28 -0400

Hi all,

Just to clarify Dave's message below.

Some of you may have been experiencing problems sending
email to people
from outside Rutgers from your DIMACS unix account. This
problem is
caused because of a security feature that Rutgers has
implemented, namely
they are trying to prevent "spamming" - sending lots of
email to people
everywhere from within/outside the university.

The only way around this is for you to send email from
another account
outside of Rutgers. Please keep in mind that you can still
read email,
etc. from your DIMACS unix account and send email to anyone
who has an
account at Rutgers, just not to those who don't have an
account at

Those of you who use telnet to access email are not affected
by this
problem. This occurs only when you use pop3 mail readers
such as Eudora
and Netscape. Usually you will get a message saying
"relaying denied" if
you try to send a message outside DIMACS.

Hope that this clarifies.


David Weksler wrote:

> Hello all -
> Caroline and I spoke on the phone about her email
problems. I was
> able to replicate the difficulty she is having. It seems
> currently if you are outside of the Dimacs network and use

> as your SMTP server, you cannot send
mail to anyone
> outside that domain. Of course, I haven't tested
everything, but both
> in Eudora and in Netscape Communicator, if I tried to set
the SMTP
> server to, I couldn't mail to myself at
my Forum
> address.
> Is there a different configuration for the SMTP server
that we can
> use, or are there other alternatives? I guess that
Caroline could try
> and use her local school district server for outgoing
> I look forward to hearing back from Hangbiao. Thanks.
> -- David
> David Weksler

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