hi all

Anne Huffer (huffer_a@popmail.firn.edu)
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 17:50:04 +0300

Hello everyone - thanks Bro Pat for the Doonesbury cartoon - wish I had
an agent. I am sending the URL for the web page of the school where I
have been teaching for the last two (now 3 years). Thought you might be
interested. This is the first page they have had and you wouldn't
believe the struggles to get it online. Things don't work as easily as
they do in the states. My husband has a part-time job at the school -
maintenence - this year. He was getting terminally bored being a
"housewife". We will be returning to the states next year - to Maryland
in fact. I can increase my retirement income by at least $800 a month by
teaching in Md for 3 years. At that point I will be 61 and with one
year after that comes the Social Security. We have gotten to travel
alot and it has been a good experience. It will be nice, however, to
get back to some things that I miss (green grass, cooler temperatures,
bagel chips!!) The URL is:


check it out

Anne Huffer