Fwd(3): Hideaway update

Sanderson Smith (Sanderson_Smith@cate.org)
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 19:34:36 -0700

Herkimer's Hideaway has been updated/expanded. It is an ongoing project and it will continue to grow during this academic
year. I won't repeat what I have previously written except to say that the site might be useful to first-year AP Stat.
teachers who are using The Practice of Statistics, by Yates, Moore, McCabe... and that my AP Stat. students and my second-year
algebra students get their daily assignments from the Hideaway.


For those who might look into the Hideaway, comments, suggestions, criticisms are definitely welcome, along with notification
of errors (spelling, grammar, typos, etc.) My own students have found some of these, and I'm sure there are others.