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ESPA Standards-Based Workshops for Teachers of Grades 3-4

There are six workshops for grades 3-4 teachers based on New Jersey's core curriculum content standards as they are reflected in the Elementary School Proficiency Assessment (ESPA).

These newly-developed workshops are based on K-4 workshops offered in the past, but now incorporate discussion of ESPA-like questions on the indicated topics.

Each workshop is offered three times in August - in the northern, central, and southern areas of the state; each workshop will be repeated in October in central New Jersey. Click here for information about the workshop sites and directions.

Each of the six workshops is a half-day workshop - running from either 8:45 to 11:45 a.m. or 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. Participants may attend either one or two workshops on any day.

Following are the titles of the six workshops - the code for each workshop begins with "E" for "elementary" or "ESPA". That code should be entered on the Registration Form.

Workshop Titles:

E-1   Number Sense: Whole Numbers
E-2   Number Sense: Fractions and Decimals
E-3   Measurement and Geometry
E-4   Patterns and Algebra
E-5   Creating, Displaying, and Analyzing Data
E-6   Probability and Discrete Mathematics

Workshops E-1 and E-2 address the ESPA strand "Numbers Sense, Operations, and Properties"; workshop E-3 addresses the ESPA strands of "Spatial Sense and Geometry" and "Measurement"; workshop E-4 addresses the ESPA strand of "Patterns and Algebra"; and workshops E-5 and E-6 address the ESPA strand of "Data Analysis, Probability, and Discrete Mathematics".

August 23-25: 3-4 Teachers
8/23 is a Monday, 8/24 is a Tuesday, and 8/25 is a Wednesday
Registration deadline is August 16.

Workshop   Rutgers   Sewell   Livingston

E-1   8/23 8:45   8/24 8:45   8/25 8:30
E-2   8/23 12:30   8/24 12:30   8/25 12:30
E-3   8/24 8:45   8/25 8:30   8/23 8:45
E-4   8/24 12:30   8/25 12:30   8/23 12:30
E-5   8/25 8:45   8/23 8:45   8/24 8:30
E-6   8/25 12:30   8/23 12:30   8/24 12:30

October 25-27: 3-4 Teachers
10/25 is a Monday, 10/26 is a Tuesday, and 10/27 is a Wednesday
Registration deadline is October 18.

Workshop   Rutgers

E-1   10/25 8:45
E-2   10/25 12:30
E-3   10/26 8:45
E-4   10/26 12:30
E-5   10/27 8:45
E-6   10/27 12:30

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