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LPS research participants constitute a diverse multidisciplinary group of researchers. A brief description of their relevant activities appears below.

DIMACS. Several port security projects are in progress under DIMACS auspices. The DIMACS team, consisting of T. Altiok, E. Boros, E. Elsayed, P. Kantor, B. Latka, D. Madigan, R. Mamone, B. Melamed, and F. Roberts, has been partnering with the Los Alamos National Laboratory in a study of methods that assist in the inspection of containers at maritime ports of entry in the U.S. (funded by NSF and ONR). Another project of faculty from SOE and RBS (T. Altiok and B. Melamed), in collaboration with DHS-CBP and APM Terminals, is modeling security operations at Port Elizabeth (funded by DHS-CBP).

CAIT. Work on transportation infrastructure security is in progress at CAIT, led by A. Maher and M. Boile. It includes an NSF-funded project, entitled "Biohazard Detection and Security of Critical Transportation Infrastructures", and a grant entitled "IT Assisted Intermodal Freight Network Modeling for Transportation Contingency Planning", funded by AAAS and NSF. Furthermore, CAIT's Maritime Infrastructure Engineering and Management Program (MIEMP), in collaboration with M. Jafari and RBS-Camden, have teamed up with PANYNJ, NJDOT, New York Shipping Association and Maher Terminals in a partnership aiming to maximize port industrial performance, and with US-DOT on a virtual-container yard initiative.

IMCS. Work on vessel tracking at IMCS is directed by S. Glenn in collaboration with industry partner CODAR Ocean Sensors. This effort has led the way in the development of new HF Radar technologies for vessel tracking. Research support from ONR, DHS and DoD Counter Narco-Terrorism has already led to the development of the world's most advanced HF Radar testbed at Sandy Hook just outside of NY Harbor.

Other Units. SOE faculty (T. Altiok and M. Jafari) have been active in modeling port operations and logistics. The Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management (directed by L. Lei) has been active in research, education and extensive collaboration with NJ companies. D. Metaxas (SOE and Computer Science) has been conducting extensive research, funded by NSF and DHS, to improve the estimation of 3D tracking from 2D image sequences, with the goal of identifying hostile subjects. Finally, SCILS faculty, led by P. Kantor, are involved in several projects that relate to issues of port security, with funding from NSF and the Intelligence Community.

Page last updated: May 2, 2008.