Graph Algorithms and Batched Processing

September 16, 2019, 2:00 PM - 2:40 PM


Center Hall

Rutgers University

Busch Campus Student Center

604 Bartholomew Rd

Piscataway NJ

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Richard Peng, Georgia Institute of Technology

Computing and maintaining large graphs are increasingly important problems in data mining, machine learning, and security. This talk will use progress on two well-studied problems in static and dynamic graph algorithms, net-work flows and dynamic matchings, to discuss a methodology for designing faster algorithm for large graphs motivated by long-standing open problems in data structures.

I will start by describing how studies of network flows led to a focus on residual networks, which in turn motivated faster algorithms as well as more general notions of preconditioning. I will then discuss a similar phenomenon in dynamic graphs, where the current best algorithms for maintaining large matchings utilize kernels built from dual vertex covers.