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March 17, 2021, 12:10 PM - 1:00 PM


Online Event

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Human Forest vs. Random Forest in Time-Sensitive COVID-19 Clinical Trial Prediction
Pavel Atanasov (Pytho) & Regina Joseph (Pytho)

From Forecast to Decisions in Graphical Models: A Natural Gradient Optimization Approach
Eric Benhamou (University of Paris Dauphine)

Property Elicitation for Evaluating Complex Forecasts
Ian Kash (University of Illinois, Chicago)

How to Increase the Accuracy of Human Forecasts and Check the Reasons for Improvement
Barbara Mellers (University of Pennsylvania) & Ville Satopää (INSEAD)
This poster is associated with a talk given earlier in the day. [Presentation video]

Efficient Competitions and Online Learning with Strategic Forecasters
Anish Thilagar (University of Colorado)

Designing a Combinatorial Financial Options Market
Xintong Wang (University of Michigan)

Truthful Information Elicitation from Hybrid Crowds