DIMACS Research Programs:

DIMACS conducts a wide variety of research programs. The public is invited to participate in these programs in a variety of ways. Each program has guides for participating.

Special Years and Foci: These focused research programs are relatively long term programs - usually at least a year - that focus on topics that have opportunities for rapid development, outreach to other communities in research and industry, and significant research challenges. These programs have a variety of visitor, postdoctoral fellowship, workshop, and seminar opportunities.

Workshops: DIMACS Workshops occur throughout the year, both as part of the focused programs and as individual workshops. Each workshop listing has information about participating.

Implementation Challenges: The DIMACS Implementation Challenges address questions of determining realistic algorithm performance. Topics are announced about a year in advance and organizers help guide projects. A workshop and WWW site for code, data sets and other artifacts culminates the project.

DIMACS Research and Education Institute: The DREI is a three week summer institute for researchers and teachers, with follow-ups in the academic year. The DREI stresses vertical intergration of the mathematical communities from high school through researchers.

The DIMACS Connect Institute: offers a two week summer program of workshops for researchers and a four week summer program for high school teachers of matehematics and computer science (with a two week follow up program in the following summer). The programs are designed to facilitate collaborations between researchers and educators and foster understanding of each others' work and needs.

DIMACS Reconnect: exposes faculty teaching undergraduates to the mathematical sciences research enterprise by introducing them to a current research topic relevant to the classroom through a series of lectures by a leading expert and involving them in writing materials useful in the classroom. Participants have the possibility of following up by preparing these materials for publication in the DIMACS Educational Modules Series.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates: Each summer DIMACS hosts 5 or more undergraduates for an 8 week REU Program. The program has participants from many states working with DIMACS members from Rutgers, Princeton, AT&T Labs - Research, Applied Communication Sciences, NEC Laboratories America and Nokia Bell Labs.

Special Research Projects: DIMACS is the home to research projects that further scientific progress and applications in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science. These projects allow collaborations among the member institutions as well as other academic, industry, or scientific partners.

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