Lightning Talks and Poster Previews

November 11, 2020, 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Online Event

Lightning Talks

Data Monopolies: How to Decentralize Big Tech with Privacy-Enhancing Technologies
Sunny Seon Kang

Ad Delivery Algorithms: The Hidden Arbiters of Exposure to Opportunities and Political Messaging
Aleksandra Korolova, University of Southern California

The Problem of Unduly Accurate Algorithms
Aileen Neilsen, Center for Law and Economics, ETH Zurich


Fighting Deep-Fake Misinformation
Shruti Agarwal, University of California, Berkeley

Digital Forensics use in Westlaw Descriptions of Federal Criminal Court Case Decisions
Ryan Aponte, University of Florida

Addressing Personalization in the Data Ecosystem; Lessons from the Insurance Market
Ayelet Gordon-Tapiero

Abradable Key Wrapping
Scott Griffy, Intel

Data Science Meets Law: Learning Responsible AI Together
Shlomi Hod, Boston University

Heuristic Models, Assumptions, and Parameters
Samuel Judson, Yale University

Ensuring Fairness in the Absence of Protected Group Membership Information
Vijay Keswani, Yale University

Mitigating Bias in Set Selection with Noisy Protected Attributes
Anay Mehrotra, Yale University

‘Time Capsule’ Archiving Through Strong Dark Archives (SDA): Designing Trustable Distributed Archives for Sensitive Materials
Jayshree Sarathy, Harvard University

Census Top-Down and the Impact on Redistricting
Bhushan Suwal, Tufts University

Formalizing a Right to be Forgotten
Marika Swanberg, Boston University