The organizers for the VRP implementation Challenge are:

Additional organizational assistance is provided by Tamra Carpenter (DIMACS) and Lazaros Gallos (DIMACS).  

Organizers by VRP Variant

Each of the VRP variants has a lead organizer for the competition related to that variant. The leaders for each VRP variant are:

  • Capacitated VRP:              Eduardo Uchoa
  • VRP with time windows:    Eduardo Uchoa
  • Inventory routing:              Claudia Archetti
  • VRP with split deliveries:   Claudia Archetti
  • Electric VRP:                     Nicholas Kullman & Jorge Mendoza (lead)
  • Capacitated Arc Routing:  Thibaut Vidal
  • Time-dependent CARP:    Thibaut Vidal
  • Ride-hailing VRP:              Nicholas Kullman (lead) & Jorge Mendoza